A Book For Every Occasion

From fiction to non-fiction, for a festival or a anniversary, pick a Talered book filled with your story.


Adventure tales for children

A customised story
Customised cover illustration
Inside Illustrations: Stock/AI generated/customised
Part Fiction

Stories with a touch of memory and a touch of fantasy

A customised story
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Family memories, life journeys of parents; perfect for landmark birthdays

A customised story
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Star in your own romantic novel, with your real story

A customised story
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Inside Illustrations: Customised
Corporate Stories

Your company’s story, the highs and the challenges

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Pet Stories

Stories of your most pawsome friend

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Our Books

Bedtime Tales for Ashaz and Faria

Childhood stories of Nasrin and Tabrez, put together in a book for their children, Ashaz and Faria.

A Calendar of Joy

Sara and Naavya learn about Indian festivals from their Dadi (paternal grandmother) who is visiting them in the US. Dadi tells them why and how each festival is celebrated.

Shanvi's Adventures with TARDIS

For a school project, Shanvi travels in time on the TARDIS. She meets her great grandparents, and learns how they were progressive and believed in education.

A Magical Summer with Sita Paati

Sita Paati tells Yaara and Parth stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata. She also shares the childhood antics of their father, and their dog Tudor.

Ayaan’s Ride of a Lifetime

A magical night where Ayaan travels in a flying car and meets his Nana Papa who shares stories of an adventure through a forest.

Adventures Of Tin

“The Deep Sea Adventures of Tin” narrates a sci-fi tale of how a 19- year-old boy used engineering to become Animal Man. From thieves to sea monsters, Tin can fight them all! #workshop

Chinni's Childhood

“Chinni’s Childhood” is a book on Addu’s mother and how she became a lawyer, along with some of her childhood stories.

Caught in the Maze

Three children stumble upon a maze while walking on a trail and go on an exciting adventure – like Harry Potter in his Triwizard Tournament!” Caught in the Maze” is about how they solve riddles and also play cricket with Kapil Dev!

Eat. Play. Repeat

Travel, food, and games – this comprises the life of Shravan. “Eat Play Repeat” was a 40th birthday gift from his wife Sowmya, with friends recounting memorable incidents from their treks, food adventures, and much more – written in F.R.I.E.N.D.S style!

How Jayanthi became J-von

A 57th birthday gift from her family, “How Jayanthi became J-von” narrates the life of Jayanthi and how she transformed into J-Von, along with a letter from her family at the end!

How Po Rescued Dippanita

Created during a Talered workshop, “How Po Rescued Dippanita” is a story of how a cat helped save a crime journalist from being murdered through feline training and Dippanita’s wit!

Isha's Adventures

Isha is on a quest to find a sparrow who used to visit her daily but did not show up one day. On her way, she meets the flamingos at Thane Creek, the lion, the deer and monkey at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, the lady in the shoe at Kamala Nehru Park. Will she be able to rescue the sparrow?

Koko, Miyu, and the Pudi Contest

A family Masterchef contest where the siblings guess the ingredients of their mother’s recipes for pudi and majjige, and them make it themselves in a cook-off, “Koko, Miyu, and the Pudi Contest” narrates this unique tale for the twins Koko and Miyu!

Maya, Leila, and Messy Mud Pies

As she bakes a mud pie with her daughters Leila and Maya, Jane recounts the story of her friendship with Tess. She talks of their fights, how they made up and why mud pies are so important to them.

The Party Never Stops with Kishore Mehra

This customised book tells the story of Kishore Mehra, his parents’ influence on him, his knack for making friends, and various fun life incidents as a birthday gift for him to remember forever!

Unstoppable Amanda by Ariana

A warrior princess whose parents had been abducted by a cruel king. She found a wish box and asked for her parents to be free again – and so it was! #workshop

Yaara’s Unexpected Adventures

Yaara visits her grandmother and her magical garden in Chennai, where she gets to know about many of the plants, honeybees and birds that make this magical land.

The Diwali Adventures of Yaara and Parth

Yaara and Parth travel to India yet again – this time to celebrate Diwali. On the plane, Amma tells them a story about a washerwoman and Goddess Lakshmi. During their visit, they ended up rescuing the Goddess who blesses them with prosperity!

The Sugarbox Supers

A unique book customised for a start-up, “The Sugarbox Supers” tells the stories of 14 dedicated employees who contributed significantly to the company’s growth along with testimonials from their immediate team managers!

The Saturday Adventures of Gia and Ananya

Gia and Ananya help an old woman who leaves them a magical colouring book. They wake up in Costa Rica and travel to the Big Ben!

Tales from Soho House

“Tales from Soho House” is a book of five stories, created during a Children’s Day workshop at Soho House, Mumbai. The stories take you on adventures across the world and through space and time!

Myra, Miraan, and a Butterfly called Monarch

After returning from a birthday trip, Myra and Miraan wake up in Toyland. It is election time and Monarch, a butterfly, has decided to stand against Simba, the lion! Will Myra and Miraan get caught up in this electoral war?

Myra and Miraan

Out to rescue their kidnapped aunt from Toyland, twins Myra and Miraan set off on an adventure to the Magical Mountain from where they safely brought her home!

Padi and Amrit

A unique wedding gift that kept the score of Padi and Amrit’s love story–how they met, how they met again, and how they finally ended up together! On their wedding day, they invited guests to contribute to their score tally and join in on the fun!


“101033” follows the adventure of five children, destined to save the future, as they go through Bermuda Island, an underwater journey, a visit to the Statue of Liberty, and finally on a time machine to the future where they fight zombies and save Earth! #workshop

Shona's Secret Magic

A book that tells the stories of Arpita’s childhood, her many talents like learning languages and singing so well that she ended up on All India Radio! She does this with the purest form of magic in this world – a mother’s prayers.

I Have A Hero

A dedication to Rudra Pratap Datta, sometimes dadu, nanu, and papa, always a hero to his family. The book preserves unique memories in a customised book with photographs and letters from the family!