Remembering Rhini and Tudor: Talered books that keep our pets’ memories alive

Remembering Rhini and Tudor: Talered books that keep our pets’ memories alive

Personalised books on our pets that star them!

Palakshi Sathe

One day, Yaara and Parth asked Sita Paati if their father Karthi had been naughty as a child. That day, Paati told them how Karthi (as she called him), had one day brought home a little puppy. And so began the stories of Tudor, the mix of Pomeranian and Cocker Spaniel, that became the family pet. Tudor became an important member of the family. Every year, they would celebrate his birthday with his favorite treats: Badam halwa and ice cream.

When Karthik Iyer, a Singapore resident, got a book made with his mom’s stories for his children Yaara and Parth, he also wanted it to include stories of Tudor. He wanted his children to also know the stories of his first dog.

With the pet industry growing rapidly, there are a lot of personalised products that you can buy for your furry friend. Personalised collars, leashes, bags, cushions, and even portraits.

A Talered book will help you share your favorite stories of your friend. Their naughtiest moments, and the ones that brought you immense joy.

In July 2022, Mumbai resident Trina Banerjee gifted her Kathak guru Moli Siddharth a book on her guru’s pet dog Rhini. Titled ‘Boop! – The Adventures of Rhini’, the book had stories that included incidents of Rhini’s life and her bond with the Guru and her disciples.

Trina wanted a book that put together stories and memories of Rhini which she and senior students of the dance class had shared. She wanted a book that would be Rhini’s memoir. The book presents a first-person account of Rhini and the world around her at the dance class through her point of view.

This is what happened when Trina met Rhini for the first time:

Chikur opened the door and Trina walked.  “Here Trina, meet Rhini,” Chikur said. And that’s when Trina spotted a little, black furball in the house. “Oh hello! I sense you are afraid of dogs, don’t be. I am very friendly…” Rhini said to Trina.

Later, when Jhinuk, a Cocker Spaniel, came into their lives. Rhini took  on the responsibility of training her:

It had just been a few days since Kalangan got its newest member. Jhinuk. “Bark, bark, bark! What a lovely place this is. How come there are so many humans?” the little one asked Rhini. “See, this is a dance class and soon these humans will start jumping and thumping over there,” Rhini told her new younger sister, pointing out to the open space in the center of the class. “What is jumping and thumping?” asked Jhinuk, who had never seen humans dance before, really. She was, after all, only a few months old.

Trina shared, “Gitanjali understood that since it was a gift to my guru, no other day would be better than Guru Poornima! She compiled all the memories and time we would spend with Rhini at the dance class and presented the book with beautiful illustrations in the nick of time.”

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