The story of Talered

The idea of Talered came to me when two of my relatives had their babies a couple of months apart. Sitting in Mumbai, I wondered what gift I could give them—they live in San Francisco—in the lockdown. I wanted it to be a gift that’s not off the shelves. A gift that would celebrate their own childhood and one they could share with their babies.

Could I write a book with their childhood memories, that they could read to their children at bedtime?

The newly minted parents absolutely loved the books and that’s when I realised that I wanted to bring joy to others by capturing their memories in books.

I found that my nearly 18-year-long career as a journalist—my last stint was as the editor of Sunday mid-day—had given me the training I needed to listen to, and understand other people’s stories and write them with empathy and compassion.

A Talered book can be customised to take any shape you want—ranging from fictional adventures to pure biographical accounts.

If you have a story to tell,
I would love to hear from you!

Gitanjali Chandrasekharan

Over 30 books in 3 years!

Love From Our Happy Customers!

Had great fun creating this gift for my dear friend in celebration of a special birthday. Gitanjali was extremely patient and receptive to all of my asks including edits to the story, and illustrations. She’s lovely to work with because she’s got a single point focus: getting you something that makes both the giver and receiver happy!


“I introduced my kids, Ashaz and Faria, to ABBA and a few other legends of the 1980s through a bedtime storybook by Talered. In that book, they were the stars, their mum told them stories and their grandfather was a man with great taste in music. Guess it runs in our genes!”

Nasrin Modak-Siddiqi

I approached Talered after a friend recommended it to me to get a customised memoir for my father-in-law’s first death anniversary. The entire process of making the customised book was very professional and I loved it. Gitanjali is brilliant with the layout and puts in all the effort to ensure a good product is delivered.”

Poornima Swaminathan

I ordered a book to celebrate my sister, and it turned out to be one of my best gifts to her. She absolutely loved the book! I was amazed by the story Gitanjali weaved from the bits of information I gave her. She got the story and the emotions down pat and took us on an amazing journey. So many memories were brought back and recreated and made magical. It was heartening to see my sister’s life being celebrated in such a unique way, and she loved it too! We all have our stories, and to re-live our lives through a story is an amazing experience. It was a fantastic birthday gift. My sister and I will always cherish this book. From the bottom of my heart, ‘thank you’!

Joyeeta Basu

This book curated by Gitanjali for my Dad’s 75th birthday celebration turned out to be the most delightful present for my Dad. He was so moved by it and was totally overwhelmed. The interviews Gitanjali conducted with the family members to share their most fond memories with Dad translated into incredible notes for him. The evergreen pictures, interspersed between the notes & illustrations, made the entire narrative remarkable. Kudos to Gitanjali for suggesting & encouraging me to have this book done for my Dad. It just became such an emotional gift for him. Her patience with all the back & forth and the changes I made was the reason for me enjoying the entire process of putting it together with her. God bless you, Gitanjali for putting in your precious time, creative
imagination & special efforts to make this so memorable.

Dharmesh Datta

When I signed up with Talered for a story book for my niece and nephew, little did I know that it would be an amazing experience for me as well. Gitanjali came over, spoke to the kids, spoke to me and my family at length and paid attention to every detail: she noted names of their favourite toys, their likes, dislikes and their imaginary games. This book is going to be passed down through generations. And I am sure, that every year, I am gifting them a story by Talered. Kids today have access to so many toys and games, that most of the times, when I give them a present, they are not too excited. This is the first time in seven years that I saw them smile from their heart, they left their iPads aside and lapped up the 40-page story in one reading session. My Bhabhi was shocked. This, she said, is a first.

Phorum Pandya

I chose Talered as a gift for my mother's 77th birthday. I chose it because have had previous experience with the brand. The process of building it (the book) is fun and easy. I found the book cost effective. I would like to suggest that in the future it would be good to have more creative options other than a book.


When you hold someone dear—no matter the lapse of time, and distance—you want to make it special for them. Ever since Gitanjali told me about Talered, there was only one person, whom I knew I wanted to give this to, because of how far back our friendship went. My friend and I had made too many memories together, and had many more stories between us, which were fitting enough for a book. I am a writer myself, but when it comes to a precious story, I was not sure I would be able to do justice to it. Gitanjali was just the perfect person for the job. Not only is she a gifted storyteller, she is also empathetic and observant, and that means, your story is safe hands. We had a couple of short sessions, where she broadly tried to get to the root of my relationship with my friend. Things I loved about her (and also quite not). She most marvellously latched on to my most favourite memory—I didn’t have to tell her that, she just knew—and built such a heartwarming story
around it that I cried once too many, while reading it. She’s also always willing to take creative suggestions, both with design and story, so that you are also as much part of the product that Talered is creating. I absolutely loved the book. It’s a gem. The book came to my friend a day before her birthday. She told me she hadn’t been excited about the birthday until then, but thank god for the book, she finally was smiling and beaming, and most excited about growing older. Thank you, Talered and Gitanjali

Jane Borges
Journalist, author of Bombay Balchao

Last week, I received a gift that left me speechless. Talered makes books with customised content. All you need to do is tell Gitanjali what you want the story to be about and answer a few questions. She’ll weave a beautiful story out of it and present it with cute illustrations. Stories of love and romance are often immortalised, but we forget that those of friendship deserve to be cherished as much. For my birthday, Jane gift-wrapped beautiful memories of our times together in this book of fiction (really hoping that the fictitious parts of it come true really soon). I find it difficult to express what this book means to me. I can only hope everyone finds a friend who will find such ways of reminding you of what you’re worth and how much they value what you both have.

Tess Joss

I wanted a story involving past real incidents and the characters to be my own family so my kids can relate to it. Hence Talered made sense and caters specifically to that. We have used Talered services before when we had similar needs of personalised story. Was quite helpful to engage and discuss the various stories that will be covered in the book. We are Happy with the process and end product.

Karthik Iyer

When my mother was planning a trip to the US to visit her granddaughters after a long time, she wanted to carry a special gift. Something unique that would introduce them to Indian culture and festivals. My search ended with Talered. I immediately knew that a Talered book would be the perfect gift. Gitanjali listened to our requirements and did an excellent job of storytelling through her book. We are thrilled with the outcome, and my mother is excited to give this amazing and unique gift to her granddaughters. Thank you, Gitanjali, for creating this piece of gem. It is just perfect!

Shweta Srivastava
Mumbai Resident

Thank you is such a small word but i hope i can convey how deeply i am moved after reading the story. Gitanjali you made the process so simple that it is unbelievable that the end product is so perfect! This has to be the best gift for my niece. The perfect way to introduce her to her great grandparents. My Badepapa holds such a beautiful place in hearts of all his grandkids. Each one of us shed a tear of joy after reading this book.
Thank you!

Sheikha Kalyan

At Talered, we believe everyone’s story deserves a book. Have a story to tell?